About Us

TANDEM specializes in audit and business advisory services. We focus on providing significant value-add services to our clients’ most complex business problems.

Our vision

With many years experience in the accounting sector, we aim to provide the best personal service we can to our valued customers.

Having accumulated years valuable experience in serving our Clients, we have developed a client oriented philosophy with services tailored to the requirements and expectations of every client. This philosophy has strengthened the quality of our services across all levels of management from the very junior to the partners. We provide a wide range of accounting services, including, auditing, internal control and risk management, accounting, liquidation and taxation. We also extend our services to provide more personalized consultations. We believe that our ability to communicate clearly, both with the client and each other, contributes largely to our client satisfaction.

Our knowledge and the rich experience of our team allow us to offer services tailored to the stage of development and the individual needs of each client.